Venezuela: The Power Under Control of Muslim Terrorists

The situation in Venezuela is worsening and getting more dramatic at an astonishing rate. Last week, President and dictator Nicolás Maduro appointed his former Minister Tareck El Aissami as his new vice president. El Aissami is known by The United States Intelligence Services for his proven links with Iranian Islamic theocratic dictatorship and for his links with the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah.

The American Intelligence Services also know that El Aissami plays a pivotal role in the international drugs and weapons traffic scheme that was created within the Venezuelan state institutions by Hugo Chavéz, with support from the Cuban dictatorship and with the complete collusion of the government of Barack Obama.

This same week, the Venezuelan Parliament, with a majority consisting of a social-democratic and conciliatory opposition, ousted Nicolás Maduro from his position as the President. However, the country’s supreme court, under full control of the communists, declared the decision null and issued a warning to Parliament that it was supposed to be extrapolating its constitutional functions.

Meanwhile and in the midst of this institutional impasse, the national situation worsened. Apparently Nicolás Maduro was in practice removed from the actual exercise of presidency power, and the one who actually governs the country is the vice president he nominated, Tareck El Aissami. This means that Venezuela is currently under the tutelage of an agent of the Iranian regime and the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah. In the last hours, the main streets of the capital Caracas were taken by military forces.

Venezuela is experiencing one of the most critical moments of its history: poverty, hunger, widespread food and medicines shortages, urban violence at alarming levels, persecution and death of opponents and almost daily occurrences of lynching. This is the result of the communist tragedy in its Latin American version known as bolivarianism, which came to power in the country with the support of the Foro of São Paulo, the Brazilian Workers Party PT (and particularly the former President Lula) and also by means of the major role played by the former Brazilian President, the social-democrat Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who made all the efforts to give diplomatic support to the Venezuelan communist government. Now, Venezuela is in danger of becoming a state under tutelage of Iran and Hezbollah.

With information provided by Emma Sarpentier, activist and correspondent of the Brazilian Newspaper Crítica Nacional, in Caracas. English version reviewed by Alba Cassin de França, owner and manager at Talkative Idiomas.



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