Please spread the truth to your foreign friends


President Dilma Rousseff is a liar. There is not an ongoing coup d’état in Brazil. Mrs. DilmaRoussefff will be removed from the office of the presidency because she is under lawsuit according to Brazilian Federal Constitution and is being charged on corruption and on fraud on the management of the national public budget. The whole process is being conducted according to the laws and she is being assured on her rights on defending herself.

The House of Representatives of the Brazilian National Congress has already approved the impeachment process: 367 out of 511 deputies voted favorable to the impeachment, that according to the law, will be voted in the Senate, which will take final decision in accordance with the Constitution and in accordance to the procedure rules set forth by the Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice.

Therefore, there is not a coup d’état, there is not a single word of the military about the ongoing political and legal process, and everything that Mrs. Rousseff and their socialist comrades of the left-wing Workers Party (PT), as well as the chief of the Brazilian Foreign Affairs Office are telling about this subject matter is simply a lie.

001 Anuncio Ate 06 Maio 2016



Um comentário sobre “Please spread the truth to your foreign friends

  1. Fora Dilma comunista! Você é um péssimo exemplo para esta e demais gerações . Precisamos de governantes exemplares, você e seu partido são uma vergonha!


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